The only servant seen in multiple parts of the Great House was an elderly man of indeterminate heritage, Useless Footwear, or , the man in the haunted tuxedo. Although his exact age was a topic of interest to the party-goers and inquired about it constantly, the most baffling thing about this manservant was his location. Everyone knew what he looked like, and some had even spoken to him, though most could not recall where, or when.

Useless is a man of action, and a finder of solutions. If some quandary faces a guest of the Colonel, Useless is ever able to assist. How can a man in so isolated an estate procure a wheelbarrow made entirely of bronze, for the son of a wealthy industrialist who spent a brief holiday in the house, on twenty minutes’ notice? How indeed? Is it possible to design a water-raising mechanism for the Colonel’s nephew, so that he might bathe beneath a waterfall that entered his bay windows exactly at dawn? For Useless, yes…for lesser folk, no. Anyone who has known a real concierge has seen this sort of service before, though on a decidedly lesser scale. The house is populated with various inventions and accomplishments of the industrious manservant, and each investigation of the house reveals more. The most recent of these were catalogued by a team of investigators originally called to the house on business other than the work habits of the wait-staff.