deWinter has been injured. Initial reports vary on the severity of the wounds. Trambled by bull sounds pretty serious though, regardless of how heavily or often the big fellow stepped on her.

Several well-dressed and marginally intoxicated men stand around a glistening knot of ball gown and gore that we may assume is a woman.

All right. Let's get help.


What is it?

We can't just rush into the various parties shouting, "deWinter's been mangled!" It would cause a riot.

Right, that wouldn't do.

Any suggestions?

Why not, "Excuse me everyone, Countess Dewinter has fallen ill. If there is a doctor, preferably a trauma surgeon about, I should like him to accompany me to her room."

Well "fallen ill" hardly captures the severity of her condition.

Everyone nods. One of the men steps forward with a plan. Reginald Bottles --man to be counted on in times of distress. As always, his was the well-bred voice of reason.

Why dont we just describe what caused the injuries and let the guests draw their own conclusions about the exact details. During their subsequent calculations of the relative wouding powers of various elements in the story, we can direct assistance to her room.

That's sounds reasonable.

What happened to her? If we are going to tell the other guests, we have to have the actual causes identified.

Bottles points to some aspect of the dress. "Given the width and depth of the hoofprints, I'd say trampled by a bull."

How can you be so sure it was a bull.

I can't, but several recent developments come to mind.