I have done some checking on the gun. The trigger is a gold/silver alloy called Electra. The pharoahs capped their pyramids with it to ease the passage of the soul into the next world. I have no dout this gun could do the same thing. I like to think the trigger was made by some gunsmith with a sense of humor.

The more I look at this thing, the less it seems like a hunting rifle. It feels, in whatever sense I care to use the word, like a bizarre and painfully over-sized dueling weapon. In spite of this, I am sure that using this gun for settling arguments with just one person would be preposterous. It's far too heavy to be drawn effectively (although a weighted cylinder in the stock might be alterred for use as a counterbalance) and anyone shot with it would be more than dead. They would likely be torn into two equally dead halves.1 The chamber and firing mechanism, at least, seems like the old Mausers, but they were designed for different prey--elephants. The gentleman-duelist who used this gun would find himself unable to simply wound his opponent (a common practice). In fact, I don't think you could use this gun to simply wound anything, from a person to an automobile.

1This calculation assumes the use of a single projectile. In truth, I have no idea what kind of ammo the thing uses, or used. It looks like it could fire anything from a croquet ball to a whiskey bottle filled with ball bearings. In the latter case, the target would be torn into many more than two pieces. The reader is free to extrapolate on the relative sizes of the parts and therefore, the exact fraction.