I fear you may not be able to contact my cousin Bernard. You and your party should make alternate plans. I received a letter from him and it appears he has become so assimilated, so europeanized, that he is now able to move about the countries undetected by filthy imperialist warmongers in international employ. In the event that you locate him (or detect him), feel free to impose the presence of your group upon his hospitality.

Although I am fairly well isolated on the estate, I still must interact with occasional passers-by. You would understand my comments to them with little effort, but their random nature and widely varying pitch and volume have made them all but indecipherable to the majority of my cafe crowds. I will write you again very soon--in fact I am purchasing a bound volume of post cards Tuesday.

Forgive my handwriting tonight, my dear. My pens are frustratingly right where they are supposed to be. (Vive L'americain)

Pour acheter du pain,