Although I failed the tests in dramatic fashion, I feel that at least the spirit of success has been achieved. I am prepared for whatever may be required of me during my visit. Procedures will be carried out, if needed. Of this you can be sure. Intricate procedures. Procedures with multiple stages and minute, but integral, details which may only be fully understood through careful study of bullet charts and Helvetica outlines. Conceptual filigree so intricate that teams of highly paid specialists would spend at least a century, and countless multi-tiered NSF grants, to decipher its most easily recognizable elements. I will summon graphics masons of the highest order. Rather, your contacts in the advertising and construction worlds will be alerted and they, with your best interests in mind, will see that these masons are summoned. My desire to address the matters which concern you is far more developed than my experience in actually doing such thing. Your years in various incarnations of the business are invaluable to me, and so to you. I am still en route, via train, via maglev rockoplane, and via bloodbourne pathogen. Should arrive within the month.