In the interest of time, the reader is, in preparation for the following passages, instructed to read: 

·        Plato’s Republic

·        Welt als Wille and Vorstellung, budding naturally from the fourfold root of reason.

·        A New Refutation of Time, which insults the reader with the temporal novelty of time’s nonexistence.

·        The Mind of Man, Gustav Spiller.

·        Perhaps the finest alchemical tragicomedy translated to date, On the Dilution of Essence by Evaporative Humours, by Dramatum Fistandantilus (as has been often observed, the alchemist and astrologer are beyond peer in their mastery of the hyperbolic sobriquet).

·        A symbolist sonnet which appeared twice (with variants) in the review La Conque (issues of March and October 1899).

·        Université du Praeti Jiana  hand pamphlet concerning the arbitrary introduction of horror into otherwise horror-free works, called Blackwoodation. Prior to this categorization of the technique, it was referred to as “adding a paragraph at the end stating that one of the main characters was in fact deceased.”  Careful application of this Blackwood algorithm resulted in the sprouting of horrific tentacles by an ordinary tale, simply because the action, one learns, took place ‘in the presence of a dead man.’

·        A monograph on the possibility of constructing a poetic vocabulary of concepts which would not be synonyms or periphrases of those which make up our everyday language, “but rather ideal objects created according to convention and essentially designed to satisfy poetic needs” (Nimes, 1901)

·         One Night in the Gnascium, R. Jaeth Pilter. 

·        Stanzaic Eventuality:  L’Agonisme, Pilter, et al.  This series of essays gave unwilling birth to the metatagonist renaissance.

·        An invective against Paul Valery, in the Papers for the Suppression of Reality of Jacques Reboul.

·        The Western Lands.  William Seward Burroughs

·        La Petit Larousse.


Having dispensed with trivial matters, the reader may now, without fear, continue.